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The COBOLworx team has been developing COBOL related Open Source Software for over six years.

For the past year, the COBOLworx team has been extending the Gnu Compiler Collection (GCC) to include a native implementation of COBOL. This work is progressing well and we have made an EXPERIMENTAL version generally available. Please see our COBOL for GCC Information and Downloads Page.

COBOLworx offers commercial technical support for GnuCOBOL similar to Symas’s support for OpenLDAP. Most recently we contributed to the release of GnuCOBOL 3.2 and provided industry-unique COBOL source-level debugging for it.

Technical Mailing List

We have set up a mailing list (email) for COBOL for GCC and GnuCOBOL users Click here for the Info Page. For other questions, please email us.